Sexual Identity Synthesis

What does it mean to develop a sexual identity? What factors influence such an identity? How does religious identity inform a person’s sexual identity and vice versa? This book answers these questions with an eye for the development and synthesis of sexual identity among Christians who experience same-sex attraction. Those who are interested in the intersection of religious faith and sexual identity will be fascinated to learn about Christians who integrated their same-sex feelings into a gay identity and those who did not. In Sexual Identity Synthesis, Yarhouse and Tan introduce the reader to these two groups of people, and they allow them to ‘tell their story’. Contrasting concerns about authenticity and righteousness, as well as idolatry and integrity factor into sexual identity development and synthesis, as individuals from a common faith tradition sort out the complexities of how to achieve a level of congruence between how they live and what they believe. Yarhouse and Tan end the book with several practical suggestions for theory, research, and clinical practice. Indeed, scholars, clinicians, and religious leaders will benefit from the experiences of these persons of faith – some of whom identified and other dis-identified with a gay explanatory framework.