Academic Papers

Academic Papers

Dr. Mark Yarhouse and the members of ISSI have authored or co-authored over 60 academic papers and book chapters. On this page we offer access to a number of academic papers. These papers were made public by the publisher/copyright holder.

We also link to papers that are available on other sites.

If you wish to reproduce any of the papers below, please contact us for copyright details.


Initiating a Culturally Responsive Discourse of Same-Sex Attraction Among African American Males

Round Peg, Square Hole: Being an Evangelical Christian in GLB Studies

Walking a Fine Line

The Exemplar Project: Finding What Makes a Church Exemplary in its Ministry to Persons who Experience Same-Sex Attraction or who Struggle with Sexual Identity Concerns

Characteristics of Mixed Orientation Couples: An Empirical Study

At the Intersection of Religious and Sexual Identities: A Christian Perspective on Homosexuality

This paper is also found at the Christ on Campus Initiative section of the Gospel Coalition. It is reproduced here with permission.