ISSI has two broad types of training. One type of training is for psychologists, counselors pastoral care providers, and lay counselors in the community. The other type of training is for ISSI core team members.

Community Training

We have trained staff at internship sites, graduateprograms in counseling and psychology, counseling clinics, college and university counseling centers, and churches.

Highlights from recent community trainings include:

  • Reviewing research on the prevalence, etiology, mental health correlates and attempts to change sexual orientation.
  • Learning about models of sexual identity development and synthesis.
  • Recognizing the tensions between religious identity and sexual identity.
  • Principles for providing pastoral care in the area of sexual identity and improving church-based ministry.

Please contact us by email at issi (at) regent (dot) edu to inquire about a training or consultation for your staff or organization.

ISSI Team Training

ISSI also provides training to team members, who are generally students in the Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology at Regent University. Team members have the opportunity to participate in monthly trainings on sexual identity theory, research, clinical services, and consultations.

Highlights from recent ISSI team trainings include:

  • Examining biblical passages and theology relevant to sexual identity and behavior.
  • Debriefing of the Equality Ride event that took place near campus and the interaction with ER participants and several ISSI members.

  • Individual, couple, and family sexual identity consultations and team treatment planning and debriefing.
  • Team treatment planning and debriefing of gender identity consultations.
  • Creating and reviewing several video clips that demonstrate how to conduct an assessment and obtain advanced informed consent to treatment for sexual identity concerns.
  • Attending and debriefing of a talk by Mel White at Virginia Wesleyan College on the integration of same-sex attractions and Christian faith.