Clinical Services

Clinical Services

ISSI provides clinical services and consultations within the overarching framework of sexual identity therapy, which emphasizes achieving congruence in terms of living and identifying oneself in ways that are consistent with one’s beliefs and values. Individual, couple, family, and group therapy is provided and allows people the opportunity to explore and unpack questions or concerns related to sexual identity development and synthesis. Consultations are also provided for individuals, couples, and families, as well as various organizations. Clinical services and consultations are provided in conjunction with Dr. Yarhouse’s practice through Providence Consulting and Clinical Services, P.C.

Sexual Identity Therapy

The focus in sexual identity therapy is to assist clients so that they can experience greater congruence, which we see as being able to live and identify themselves in ways that are consistent with their beliefs and values.

Individual, Couple, Family & Group Therapy

Individual therapy can assist people as they navigate questions or concerns related to sexual identity. With couples it can often be helpful to find a safe place to sort out relevant concerns if one partner experiences same-sex attraction and they are both trying to determine whether and how to maintain their marriage. Family therapy is offered to assist families in navigating sexual identity confusion in adolescence, as well as improve family relationships, particularly communication and problem solving. Individuals who experience same-sex attraction may feel they are alone, and group therapy can be especially helpful to men and women as it provides them with a safe and supportive place to sort out sexual identity concerns.

Sexual Identity Clinical Consultations

ISSI staff provides clinical consultations related to sexual identity concerns. Consistent with the clinical services mentioned above, consultations have involved cases of sexual identity confusion in adolescence and couple and family consultations. Evaluations typically are 1/2 day. We try to schedule our consultations on Fridays to accommodate individuals or famlies coming in from out-of-state. ISSI takes a team approach to consultations, with Dr. Yarhouse and 1-2 doctoral students who are training to be psychologists working collaboratively to address the questions that are under consideration.

Gender Identity Clinical Consultations

ISSI staff also provide consultations related to gender identity concerns. Gender identity refers to a person’s sense of themselves as male or female. Gender identity concerns are often related to childhood or adolescent experiences of gender atypical behavior or mannerisms. Evaluations typically are 1/2 day, and we work to accommodate a family’s schedule, particularly if they are coming from out-of-state. We work as a team; the team includes Dr. Yarhouse and typically 1-2 doctoral students who are training to be psychologists. The approach we take utilizes a number of assessment approaches, including behavioral observation and in-depth clinical and developmental interviews. These consultations often end with suggestions for parents as to how they might make specific applications of recommendations that would then be tailored to a family’s circumstances.

Program Consultations

Consultations are provided to individual therapists, as well as professional organizations, churches, colleges, and universities. For example, Dr. Yarhouse and Heather Brooke consulted on a climate survey conducted at several Christian college and university campuses and Dr. Yarhouse has consulted with the clinical faculty at other religiously-affiliated colleges and universities on the services they provide to individuals who experience same-sex attraction or sexual identity confusion. If you are interested in a consultation, please contact us by email at issi (at)